That marriages in crisis will find Biblical solutions and reconciliation


Guy is a therapist, conference and seminar speaker and founder of the Legacy Center for Christian Counseling. He holds two Masters degrees. One in Counseling from Colorado Christian University and one in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas, and an active member in the American Association of Christian Counselors.

While in Denver, Guy was a therapist in a large group practice working with individuals and couples with anger management and domestic violence issues. As a result, he is highly effective in working with struggling couples especially for those who have little hope for their marriage or relationship. Additionally, Guy furthered his expertise by joining a large group practice in Houston where he has worked primarily with marriages and couples in relationship restoration, adult and adolescent males with anger management issues, adults with depression, anxiety, trauma related issues, adjustment problems and single life issues.

He has a passion for relationship restoration and enrichment because he knows that if marriage stays together the family stays together. He has partnered with the Clearing. It is an organization committed to providing marriage intensives that are refreshing to the soul and restoring to relationships. He has experienced the power of a group intensive and the healing of some of the most troubled marriages. It is an incredible four day therapy experience with four other couples that truly transforms marriages.

He thoroughly enjoys combining his faith and spiritual direction to the counseling experience and respects where a person is in their spiritual journey. Whether developing seminars, counseling or speaking, Guy’s heart for people and his passion for his work are evident. His entertaining presentation is both motivating and hope invigorating. Guy’s insightful and compassionate approach touches people’s hearts where they need it most. We hear his clients comment all the time how they once were uncertain about counseling and now it is like sitting down with a coach or a good friend.

Guy is frequently requested to present his marriage enrichment seminar and speak at conferences, retreats, divorce recovery programs and churches. Audiences everywhere overwhelmingly receive him.



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